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Training with 6th and 7th grade students

Includes 4 meetings of 60 minutes with intensity 2 times a month. During each meeting, students are introduced to an industry relevant to the region. Students work on a practical task related to this industry and develop skills for success – goal setting, teamwork, problem solving, critical and project thinking. There are two guest speakers for each class to make an introductory presentation on the industries. The training also includes the projection of a total of 10 videos with questions in class.

Students have access to posters for each industry, ready-to-use worksheets to use during and between meetings.

Creating an interactive corner for career guidance in schools “Hristo G. Danov”, “Elin Pelin”, “Vasil Levski” and “Raina Knyaginya”. Creating an online course of 5 sessions with materials, videos and gameplay for 12th grade and providing the Municipality of Plovdiv with 300 profiles for 12th and 11th grade students + access to the financial literacy platform of Career rEvolution for children.


325 students have been trained. Career guidance courses have been conducted in the following schools:

students at Sofia University "Hristo G. Danov"
students at Elin Pelin Primary School
students at Vasil Levski Primary School
students at Raina Knyaginya Primary School

6th grade program, resume


Step 1

Students get acquainted with the professions of the future, what is talent and interest. The step continues with several exciting stories about real people and characters and a definition of superpowers - strengths of character and their indispensable role in their careers. The result of step №1 is an understanding of the basic concepts in career guidance and the role of strengths in career and life.


Step 2

In the second step, students have three types of practical tasks in which the team explores their interests and talents. Uncertainty or uncertainty is observed when the question "What are you good at?" Is asked for the first time, as well as in the similar ones "What do you do and learn fast?" And "What role would you choose in this task?" . The result of step №2 is a primary career profile and development of self-reflection skills.


Step 3

With the help of the cards from the game "My career path", the interests and talents of students are connected with specific professions. Homework is set for students to make a dossier of the acquired professions. The result of step №3 is a career profile and an idea of the professions that coincide with the results of the combination of interests and profile.


Step 4

The fourth step aims to combine the results of the previous three meetings and the three missions set for students' homework. It pays individual attention to each and offers suitable schools for development after 7th grade. The result of step №4 is a fully completed career profile and a clear idea of the students' opportunities for their future development.

7th grade program, summary


Professions of the future

An overview of the program from the previous year and a negotiation. The purpose of step 1 is for students to get acquainted with the professions of the future, using the online platform created by the project. The result of step №1 is knowledge of at least 3 professions of the future.


My future career

The aim of step 2 is for students to connect some of the professions of the future with their interests and talents. During this meeting, the test from the platform created by the project is used in order to make the connection between the interests and talents of students and potential professions. The result of step №2 is a personal profile related to a career path (group of professions, based on the multiple intelligences of Howard Gardner)


Choosing a high school and the advantages of vocational education

The purpose of step 3 is to give guidelines for choosing a high school, in several steps: - Which high school is for me - defining interests, talents and related career paths, and - How to find out if a high school is for me - steps and questions when choosing a high school. - The advantages of vocational high schools - presentation The result of step №3 is a plan for choosing a high school and preparing for the entrance exams.

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