Elements of the program

Career Profile

Career Profile

Students understand what interest and aptitude mean and how to use them. They explore their interests and talents and related areas of development.

At this stage, students have the opportunity to do the CATAPULT YOUR CAREER online profile, and gain direct access to employers, courses and apprenticeship opportunities right now.

Career goal and plan

Career goal and plan

Students learn to set goals, plan and adapt their plans to an ever-changing environment.

At this stage, students have the opportunity to go through CATAPULT YOUR CAREER’s gamified online goal-setting training, setting and achieving one goal of their own.

Skills for success or superpowers

Skills for success or superpowers

Validated methodology for career guidance and development of young people

Financial literacy

Financial literacy

Students gain knowledge about what money is, what financial literacy is, how to have and manage their own budget.

At this point, students have the opportunity to use the FINE YOU board game to test their financial decisions and choose a path to financial freedom.



Who are the workshops suitable for?

LifeReady is appropriate for students in grades 9 through 12, regardless of their academic achievement or interests. The workshop focuses on meta-skills for success that are useful for all youth.

Is the programme suitable for young people who know what they want to study or work?

Yes, most often the program helps them validate their decision, make a plan or reflect on their current one, and prepare to withstand obstacles on the way to their goal.

I can't spend more than 1 hour per class, what can be done?

In this case, it’s best to do a career profile with your students and give them access to CATAPULT YOUR CAREER training that can earn them a certificate of achievement.

I am a parent and I want my child to join such a workshop, what should I do?

You can talk to your child’s teachers and help invite us to class.

Are there individual LIFEREADY programmes?

Programs are group only, with a minimum of 5 students per group.

Are the programs paid and at what cost?

From January 2025 the programmes will be paid for and you can get the price once you have contacted us and specified how many hours and how many children we will work with.

How can I support the initiative?

You can give a LifeReady workshop to a class by sponsoring it.

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